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Benefits & Advantages of Web Scraping for Lead Generation in 2023 For Different Sectors


Every company for their successful growth needs a process to generate outbound leads. Lead Generation is a process where you reach out to a list of prospects who can be your next customer. But in order to create a prospect list, you need to find a source from where you can extract phone numbers or emails. There are multiple ways of collecting these details.

advantage of generating leads via web scraping
Advantage of Generating Leads Via Web Scraping

One of the best method to collect leads is web scraping. We have also written some great articles on how you can extract contact credentials by Scraping YelpScraping YellowPages, and Scraping Google to collect emails and build a solid prospect list.

Advantages of collecting leads via web scraping

  • When you collect leads by scraping websites, the process becomes relatively faster than collecting leads manually.
  • You reach out fast and the lead pipeline never goes empty.
  • Ultimately customers and revenue go up.
Ways by which leads are collected
Ways of Collecting Leads

How B2B companies can take advantage of lead generation via web scraping?

Large enterprise companies have a set goal for customer acquisition. Here marketing and sales teams can lower their burden by web scraping websites from where they think their market-fit audience can be found.

Otherwise, they have to manually visit forums, social media, and other websites to collect leads. This becomes a tedious and manually dependent task and can leave the lead pipeline dry for a period of time.

Companies can even also save bucks by not using a paid tool like Linkedin Sales navigator, Snov, etc. IT team can create a dedicated web scraper or can use a third-party tool like Scrapingdog that can be used by the sales team.

After this sales team can refine the leads by cold calling or by either emailing them. If somebody is interested then it can be passed on to the upper management for closing the prospect.

How freelancers can take advantage of lead generation through web scraping?

Many freelancers on websites like Upwork and Fiverr work for large companies for generating leads. They can automate their work by using web scraping, which will help them in creating a seamless data pipeline.

They can forward qualified prospect lists faster. This will help them deliver data to multiple companies in a very short span of time. Of course, first, they will have to identify the market and the place where the audience can be found. In addition to lead generation, freelancers can also offer video editing services to their clients. By utilizing a handy video trimmer tool, they can efficiently edit and enhance video content as part of their service offerings.

They can even create their own tool just like Snov and can sell it to companies for a monthly subscription. This will certainly boost their monthly revenue and it will obviously reduce the workload.

How SAAS companies can take advantage of web scraping?

SAAS companies can benefit the most from web scraping. Most of the audience can be found on Linkedin. The process is represented in a pictorial form below:

lead generation process for saas companies
Lead Generation Process for SaaS Companies

This is the most successful approach towards lead generation through web scraping for SAAS companies.


Web scraping can sometimes be a little rough and therefore you should avoid scraping those particular websites. For example, Linkedin does not allow the crawling of public profiles. Do remember that the quality of the audience is far better than the quantity.

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Our main focus should be on finding leads that can become our customers in the future otherwise there is no point in collecting emails like a robot just for the sake of keeping the lead pipeline open.

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