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5 Free Web Scraping Software to Use in 2022


Getting important data from different websites can elevate your marketing strategies, and web scraping can help exceptionally in this manner.  This year, we predict that more and more people will turn to web scraping as a way to collect data. Whether you’re looking for data on a specific topic or trying to track a competitor’s website, web scraping can be a valuable tool.

free web scraping software

There are a number of free web scraping software options available, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to use in 2022. Whether you’re new to web scraping or you’re a seasoned pro, these software options will help you get the job done.

If you are just starting web scraping and looking for free software to start out, look no further. Here we will discuss 5 free web scraping software to kickstart your scraping practice. 

How to Choose A Web Scraping Tool

There are various web scraping tools available to choose from. And the selection of the appropriate one can make the difference between a successful scraping operation and a major scrape failure.

The process of web scraping is inherently fragile. If a website is modified in even a small way, the web scraper might break. If a website starts blocking your scraper’s IP address, you’re out of luck. You need a tool that is easy to use and that will minimize the number of potential issues you’ll encounter.

The best web scraping tool will have the following characteristics:

Ease of use: 

The tool will be easy to use, whether you’re a coding novice or a seasoned pro. Ideally, it will have a user-friendly interface and good documentation.


Allow you to customize the scraping process to your specific needs. For example, you should be able to choose the data you want to scrape, the format in which you want it delivered, and how frequently you want the scraping to occur. 


The best tool will be reliable, meaning it will work as advertised and won’t unexpectedly break. 


The best tool will come with good customer support in case you run into any issues.

It must provide good customer support in case you run into any issues. 


Affordability is a prime concern, especially given the value it provides.

There are many web scraping tools available, but not all of them will meet all of the criteria listed above. The best tool for you will depend on your specific needs.

1. ScrapingDog


  • Millions of proxies
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Webhooks
  • Headless chrome

If you want to scrap websites using Chrome and Firefox, Scrapingdog is your best choice. This web scraping API handles millions of proxies, CAPTCHAs, and browsers to help you get precious HTML data of any web page in a single API call. 

This tool will give you access to Google Search API and LinkedIn API. Whether a data scientist or a developer, you can easily use this tool to scrape websites. You can crawl and scrape websites within minutes with the help of this tool.

You will get 1000 free API calls for 30 days to try this tool for free. You can get this free trial without registering your credit card information.

2. Scrapingbot


  • Response time
  • Headless chrome
  • Large bulk scraping
  • Concurrent requests

If you are a web developer and need to scrape data from a URL, Scrapingbot is an excellent tool for you. With this free web data scraping software, you can access a website’s product pages and gather crucial information like product price, product title, product description, delivery cost, etc., with this software. 

This tool can help you collect commerce data to help you with accuracy. You can also access several APIs in fields like Google search results, real estate, or collect data from social media networks.

You will get 100 credits every month to use this software for free. Also, you can test live by pasting URLs and getting results right away. 

3. Apify


  • JSON, CSV, HTMS, XML, Excel download formats
  • Intelligent IP rotation, Google SERP proxies, HTTPS, and geolocation targeting
  • Integrated Zapier, Kebools, Integromat and Airbyte

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform. You can create an API for any website with data center proxies and integrated residential optimized to extract data. 

You will get access to ready-made scraping tools for social media, Google maps, and other popular networks. You can create tools on this platform for others and earn passive income as a software developer. Apify will take care of the billing and infrastructure.

You will get a $5 platform credit to use this platform for a 30-day proxy trial. 

4. Agenty


  • Dropbox and secure FTP integration
  • Automatic email update
  • Activity log
  • Business rules and custom logic integration capability

If you want to scrape data, extract text, and OCR with a Robotic Process Automation software, Agenty is your best solution. You can create an agent with simple clicks in this software. You can reuse all your processed data for analytics with this application.

Agenty offers a simple solution for web scraping without the complexity of RPA. It has hosted agents in the cloud, and a built-in API allows you to get the best web automation experience for repetitive tasks.

This tool offers you 100 free page credits. You can set it up easily, get super-fast speed, and API ready.

5. Scrapestack


  • 35+ million data centers and global IP addresses
  • 100+ global location access
  • Simultaneous API requests
  • CAPTCHA solving and JavaScript rendering
  • 5 packages, including a free one

Scrapestack is a solution for your real-time web scraping REST API. This tool handles millions of browsers, CAPTCHAs, and proxy IPs. The dedicated API sacked by the apilayer is trusted by many. Over 2000 companies use this tool and can scrape web pages in milliseconds.

With this tool, you can start scraping content in under 5 minutes. Scrapestack offers 4 different packages and custom packages for large enterprises. With its free package, you can get standard proxies and 100 requests per month.

Bottom Line

Web Scraping lies in a gray area, and you must be careful to avoid any potential penalty or lawsuit. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using a good tool to mask your signature while web scraping. 

Above, we have listed 5 free web scraping softwares that can exceptionally help you with your web scraping practices. You can choose any of them according to your needs. Make sure the tool you choose can offer you the best results and aligns with your expertise. Otherwise, you may get overwhelmed and can make mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to extract data from a website?

Ans: You can extract data from a website with the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Go to the URLs that you want to extract
Step 2: Choose the tool that is most suitable for you
Step 3: Copy and paste the URL on the tool
Step 4: The tool will start processing your request using machine learning algorithms and AI

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