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Top 5 free web scraping tools


There are many free web scraping tools. However, not all web scraping software is for non-programmers. The lists below are the best web scraping tools for both developers & non-developers at a low cost. The freeware listed below is easy to pick up and would satisfy most scraping needs with a reasonable amount of data requirement.

1. Scrapingdog


Who is this for Scrapingdog is a web Scraping tool which helps in data extraction from any website. It provides millions of proxies, CAPTCHA clearing facility and premium proxies for websites that are hard to scrape. On top of that this product is built for everyone whether you are a developer or Non-developer, Scrapingdog provides Tools, APIs & Extension. It helps in increasing your productivity & efficiency in data collection.


1) It is a tool that helps in instant data extraction. 

2) It is faster than any scraper available.

 3) You can scrape the website directly from Tools available on the dashboard without getting blocked. It also offers an extension.

4) Millions of proxies, captcha clearing facility, premium proxies, etc.

5) You can directly extract JSON data from scraped HTML data by specifying attributes and HTML tags.

6) Use the power of puppeteer to render any website within optimal time.


Website: https://www.webscraper.ioWho is this for the Web site data extraction tool.  Start web scraping in minutes. Use our free chrome extension or automate tasks with our Cloud Scraper. No software to download, no Python/PHP/JS needed.

1. Scrape multiple pages
2. Scraped data is stored in local storage
3. Multiple data selection types
4. Extract data from dynamic pages (JavaScript+AJAX)
5. Browse scraped data
6. Export scraped data as CSV
7. Import, Export sitemaps
8. Depends only on Chrome browser

3. Octoparse


Who is this for: Octoparse is a fantastic tool for people who want to extract data from websites without having to code, while still having control over the full process with their easy to use user interface.


1) Octoparse is the perfect tool for people who want to scrape websites without learning to code. 

2) It features a point and click screen scraper, allowing users to scrape behind login forms, fill in forms, input search terms, scroll through infinite scroll, render javascript, and more.

 3) It also includes a site parser and a hosted solution for users who want to run their scrapers in the cloud. 

4. ParseHub


Who is this for Parsehub is an incredibly powerful tool for building web scrapers without coding. It is used by analysts, journalists, data scientists, and everyone in between.


1) Parsehub is dead simple to use, you can build web scrapers simply by clicking on the data that you want. 

2) It then exports the data in JSON or Excel format. 

3) It has many handy features such as automatic IP rotation, allowing scraping behind login walls, going through dropdowns and tabs, getting data from tables and maps, and much much more. 

5. Scrapy


Who is this for Scrapy is a web scraping library for Python developers looking to build scalable web crawlers. It’s a full-on web crawling framework that handles all of the plumbing (queueing requests, proxy middleware, etc.) that makes building web crawlers difficult.


1) Scrapy is completely free.

 2) It is battle-tested and has been one of the most popular Python libraries for years, and it’s probably the best python web scraping tool for new applications. 

3) As a fully-featured web scraping framework, there are many middleware modules available to integrate various tools and handle various use cases (handling cookies, user agents, etc.).

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