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5 Best Amazon Scrapers to Extract Product Information in 2023


In today’s data-driven world, extracting valuable insights from e-commerce giants like Amazon has become paramount. Whether you’re a business owner seeking competitive intelligence, a researcher analyzing market trends, or a developer building a price comparison tool, web scraping Amazon data is an indispensable skill.

best amazon scraper apis
Best Amazon Scraper APIs

However, the world of web scraping APIs can be overwhelming, with a plethora of choices available. To simplify your decision-making process, this article explores and compares five of the best web scraping APIs tailored for Amazon, providing you with an in-depth analysis of their features, ease of use, data quality, pricing, and more.

Why do you need Amazon Scraper API?

A dedicated Amazon scraper API serves as a valuable tool for various individuals and businesses due to its ability to extract data from Amazon’s vast e-commerce platform efficiently and at scale. Here are some common reasons why someone might need an Amazon scraper API:

  1. Market Research and Competitor Analysis– Companies use Amazon scraper APIs to monitor competitor prices, track product trends, and gather market insights. This data helps in making informed business decisions and staying competitive.
  2. Product Catalog Management– Retailers and e-commerce platforms often need to keep their product catalogs up to date. An Amazon scraper API can automate the process of fetching product details, descriptions, images, and availability.
  3. Review and Rating Analysis– Researchers and brands analyze customer reviews and ratings on Amazon to understand consumer sentiment, product quality, and areas for improvement.
  4. Sales Prediction– Data scientists and analysts can utilize historical sales data obtained from Amazon to build predictive models and forecast future sales trends.
  5. Price Comparison– Comparison websites and apps rely on Amazon scraper APIs to provide users with real-time price comparisons across various online retailers.
  6. Alerts and Notifications– Users can set up alerts for price drops, product availability, or other changes on Amazon using scraper APIs. Tools like this help you predict when the price is going to go down. Then you can plan your purchase too
  7. Ad Campaign Optimization– Advertisers can use Amazon scraper APIs to gather data on product performance, which can inform ad campaign optimization strategies.
  8. Custom Data Needs– Any entity with unique data requirements specific to Amazon can benefit from a scraper API. Custom data extraction allows for tailored solutions.
  9. Brand Monitoring– Brands use scraper APIs to monitor how their products are represented and priced on Amazon to maintain brand integrity.
  10. Regulatory Compliance– Scraper APIs can help businesses ensure compliance with Amazon’s terms of service while gathering the required data.

5 Best Amazon Scraper APIs

We will be judging these Amazon APIs for web scraping on the basis of 5 attributes.

  • The success rate or stability of the API. We will be making around 100 API calls to each API.
  • Pricing of the API. What is the cost of one API call?
  • Speed/Response time of the API.
  • Developer-friendly refers to the ease with which a software engineer can use the service.


We are going to use this code in order to calculate the success rate and average response time of all the APIs.

For testing purposes, we will be scraping this product page from Amazon. Every API mentioned in this blog provides premium residential proxies for scraping but we are trying to focus on the cheapest method through which we can get our results. So, we are going to use the normal rotating proxies for scraping Amazon.

Scrapingdog’s Amazon Scraper API

amazon scraper api
Amazon Scraping API

Scrapingdog provides both general and dedicated scrapers for Amazon. That means you can use the general web scraping API to get the raw HTML data or a dedicated Amazon scraping API to get the JSON output. You can select anything according to your demands.


After making 100 API calls to Scrapingdog’s web scraping API we got these results.

We got a success rate of 100% and the average response time it took to deliver the results was around 8.31 seconds.


The cheapest pack will cost you $30 per month and you get around 200k API credits. Each Amazon page will cost you just 1 credit. That means you can scrape around 200k Amazon pages for just $30. Per page cost comes down to $0.00015. Of course, if you pick bigger plans the cost will be much lower.


The documentation is pretty clear and any developer can integrate Scrapingdog scraping API very easily. You get two options for scraping Amazon. One is the general web scraper and the other one is the dedicated solution for scraping Amazon.



Scrapingbee only provides a general web scraping API for scraping Amazon which means you will only get HTML data from the API. Let’s test this API too.


After making 100 API calls to Scrapingbee’s web scraping API we got these results.

The success rate of around 26% and the average response time taken by the API was around 5.52 seconds.


The cheapest pack will cost you $49 per month and you get around 150k API credits for scraping Amazon. Per page cost comes down to $0.00033. If you pick bigger plans the cost will be much lower.


Scrapingbee also offers clear and concise documentation. Although they do not provide a dedicated solution for scraping Amazon they do offer data extraction parameters through which you parse raw data.


scraper api amazon scraper api
ScraperAPI Amazon Scraper API

ScraperAPI also provides a dedicated Amazon scraping API through which you can get already parsed data in a JSON format. But again we are going to focus on the general web scraping API.


After making 100 API calls to ScraperAPI’s web scraping API we got these results.

We got a success rate of 100% and the average response time taken by the API was around 8.0 seconds.


HOBBY is their cheapest available option which costs around $49 per month and you get 100k credits. But there is a catch in the pricing when you specifically scrape Amazon. It will cost you 5 credits to scrape any Amazon page which means you have 20k Amazon credits. This way per page cost will be around $0.00245.


ScraperAPI also offers great documentation. You can find code snippets for almost every language. Developers will find it very easy to integrate their APIs.



ScrapingAnt is another great product on the list. They also provide a general web scraping API through which we can scrape Amazon. Although they do not provide any dedicated solution for scraping Amazon.


We made 100 API calls for testing to ScrapingAnt. Now, let’s see their results.

It delivered a success rate of around 65% and the average response time it took to deliver the results was around 5.01 seconds.


The cheapest option available will cost you $19 per month in which you get 100k credits. Per page, the cost will come down to $0.00019.


Scrapingant does not provide code samples in other languages which means you have to take support of ChatGPT in order to convert their curl command to any other language.



Crawlbase provides both scraping and crawling technology. While conducting tests, I observed that their general scraper delivered JSON data when used to scrape Amazon. I did not find any parameter inside their documentation through which I could get raw HTML data.


After making 100 API calls to crawlbase scraper API we got these results.

It delivered a success rate of 100% and the average response time was around 8.33 seconds.


Their starter pack will cost $29 per month in which you get 50k credits. Per page cost will be around $0.00058.


Crawlbase is a nice product but the documentation is just too much. They are doing so many things that it just confuses the developer.

Final Verdict

overall results
Overall Results

This conclusion has been made by testing each API. We made around 100 API calls to each API and this is my final conclusion. You are open to testing each of these APIs with this code. Each one of them offers a free trial.

But of course, 100 API calls are not enough for testing and you should always start with a small pack. On the surface, every API might look the same but when you dig deeper by scraping millions of pages then the original capability of the API is revealed.

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