Web Scraping API To Streamline Your Data Collection Process

Scrapingdog is a Web Scraping API that allows businesses to easily and efficiently extract valuable data from the web, saving them time and resources.

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proxy web scraping api
fastest web scraping API

Fastest web scraping API

Scrapingdog's web scraping API is one of the fastest when compared to all available APIs in the market. It can handle large number of simultaneous requests with quick and efficient data pulling.

Over 40 million IPs

40 Million+ IPs

Every new request will go through a new IP which increases success rate and prevents any blockage. We provide IPs from all the major countries.

Highest success rate API for web scraping

Highest Success Rate

Scrapingdog provides seamless data pipeline from any website. Our infrastructure is backed by millions of rotating proxies and headless chrome.

render website with headerless chrome with our web scraping api

Render websites with Headless Chrome

We use multiple instances of headless browsers to let you scrape any website. Using headless chrome our web scraping API can help you scrape websites that render data using javascript.

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Scrapingdog is a scalable API for web scraping

Scalable Web Scrapers

Scrapingdog provides seamless data pipeline from any website without getting blocked. It has the capability of bypassing any onsite protection. Whether you want to scrape 1000 or 1 billion pages, it doesn't matter. Our scrapers will provide consistent results without leaving you high and dry.

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Use cases of Scrapingdog's web scraping API

Why use Scrapingdog?

We focus on the inefficient process of managing browsers and proxies so that you can focus on collecting data from any website without getting blocked. Along with the general Web Scraping API, Scrapingdog also provides dedicated Linkedin Scraping API, Google Scraper API, Zillow Scraper API and we can also help you prepare a dedicated script for collecting data from any website.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

How Customers Use Scrapingdog

web scraping API for data extraction

Web Scraping

Many customers use our web scraping api to extract crucial data from multiple websites ike amazon, zillow, indeed, google, etc. You can scrape any website without getting blocked. You can start with basic API request.

Use Scrapingdog web scraping api for price monitoring

Price Monitoring

Our web scraping API can be used for tracking prices from ecommerce, hotel, real estate and even stock websites. You can take appropriate decisions by extracting prices and reviews from multiple websites.

google search api icon

Google Search API

With Google Search API you can scrape any google page. Our API can return data in HTML and JSON form. You can scrape google search pages, review pages and other google pages as well.

linkedin scraper api

Linkedin Scraping API

With our dedicated Linkedin Scraper API you can scrape more than 1 million person and company profiles. You will get a JSON response with a lightning fast speed.

we offer no code solution

No-code Solutions

If you are not from the technical background then you can take advantage of Affiliate Egg Pro Plugin. Without writing a single line of code you will be able to scrape any website. learn more.

screenshot api

Screenshot API

Take beautiful Screenshots with our Screenshot APIs. You can opt for full or partial image while making the query.

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