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Are you blocked again while scraping the web? Scrapingdog handles headless browsers, rotating proxies & CAPTCHAs so you never get blocked again! We offer the best success rate in the Market. Start Your Scraping Journey with us Today for Free!!

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curl "https://api.scrapingdog.com/scrape?api_key=API-KEY&url=URL"
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Our web scraping api is trusted by some of the world's most innovative companies

  • Supplier Scout
  • Daltix
  • Notting Hill Media
  • Propertyguru
  • Zactax
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Headerless Chrome

Headless Chrome

We use the Chrome browser in headerless mode so that you can render any page as it does in a real browser. You don't even have to pass any additional headers within the web scraping API. Our web scraper will use latest Chrome driver to scrape web pages

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Scalable Web Scrapers

Scalable Web Scrapers

Scrapingdog provides seamless data pipeline from any website without getting blocked. It has the capability of bypassing any onsite protection. Whether you want to scrape 1000 or 1 billion pages, it doesn't matter. Our scrapers will provide consistent results without leaving you high and dry.

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