Proxy API to Scrape Website.

Scrapingdog handles millions of proxies, browsers and CAPTCHAs to provide you with HTML of any web page in a single API call. It also provides Web Scraper for Chrome & Firefox and a software for instant scraping demands.

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const url= ""
const data = await request.get(url)
const scraped_data = await data.json()

{ origins:""}

IP Rotation

Getting blocked is not an option

scrapingdog rotates IP address with each request from a list of million of proxies. It also bypass every CAPTCHA so you can get the data you need.

Javascript Rendering

Rendering JavaScript

Scraping with headless Chrome browser from websites in Angular JS, Ajax, JS, React JS,etc are easier with Scrapingdog. This will increase your data collection frequency.

Affordable web scraper


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Headerless Chrome

Headless Chrome

We use the Chrome browser in headerless mode so that you can render any page as it does in a real browser. You don't even have to pass any additional headers within the API.

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Change Scraping Geolocations

Scrapingdog offers geotargeting to 120 countries. Using this feature you can get local results of any country without burning extra money to rent proxy lists.

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Built for EVERYONE

We've built our service with speed and +99.99% reliability in mind. We offer APIs for developers & web scraper for chrome & firefox for Non-Developers.

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