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5 Bright Data Alternatives for Web Scraping


Bright Data provides a large proxy pool and various tools for web scraping with flexible plans. This is great, but their high prices and complicated tool management can be frustrating at times.

best bright data alternatives for web scraping
Best Bright Data Alternatives

So, why not look at the alternatives to Bright Data? There may be other options that offer similar capabilities at a lower cost and with easier-to-use tools. 

By looking at these alternatives, you might find a better fit for your specific needs and budget.

Let’s jump in.


scrapingdog is alternative to bright data

Scrapingdog is a web scraping API and can be used to scrape almost any website. If you are currently on Bright data plan and looking for a better alternative for web scraping you should give it a try. 

The API takes care of rotating proxies, headless browsers, & CAPTCHAs thus making it easy for you to do blockless data extraction. 

With that being said, we provide dedicated APIs for different sources to get the output in JSON format. 

Here are some of the dedicated APIs

Other than that, we also provide unmetered datacenter proxies, that can be used in large-scale data extraction. The proxies are set to have 99.99% uptime. We have around 15 Million sets of these proxies so that if some of them get detected, your scraping process doesn’t get disturbed. 

datacenter proxies
Datacenter Proxies

Scrapingdog has an average rating of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. You can check the reviews to see how satisfied the customer is with the service. 


oxylab is another brightdata alternative

The second on this list is Oxylabs. The product has pricing in the premium segment offering almost all types of proxies & has multiple APIs for web scraping. 

They offer proxies from over 192+ countries making them one of the largest proxy pools.  

They do provide dedicated scraper APIs, but proxies being their main strength, the APIs aren’t the best when compared to top players. 

Oxylabs takes a different approach to pricing compared to Bright Data. It offers a subscription model for all its services, while residential and mobile proxies are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Some proxies are priced per GB of data, while others are charged per IP address. They are upfront about their pricing, with no hidden costs or upsells. Additionally, you can save 10% by opting for an annual subscription. 


smartproxy is the best alternative of bright data

It can be one of the best options to save money if you are looking for a pool of rotating proxies.

Smartproxy offers around 40 Million residential proxies. They offer cheaper smaller plans as compared to other proxy providers. 

After successfully driving customers to their proxy business, they are now also providing APIs for scaping. Some of them are, social media scraping APIs, SERP APIs, and no code scraper. They offer best-in-class proxies, but the dedicated APIs are mediocre.

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NetNut is a
NetNut Proxy Provider

A great proxy provider and they are very old in the business. NetNut can be your best choice if you are looking for a provider with a high volume of proxies. They offer guaranteed uptime and request-based plans. 

With a proxy pool of 85M+ residential proxies, they claim to be the fastest proxy provider around the globe. 

Their interactive dashboard offers real-time proxy management, an analytics tool and you can easily customize your proxies via the setting option. Other than the proxies they offer, they do offer a dedicated API for search engine scraping. 

SOAX Proxy

SOAX proxy is again best alternative for brightdata
SOAX Proxy

Compared to other proxy providers SOAX proxies is very new. They provide residential proxies, ISP proxies, and Mobile proxies. However, the proxy provider doesn’t provide datacenter and dedicated proxies. 

Offering 24/7 support depending upon the type of plan you choose. Having residential proxies with over 155M +, they are a good choice for startups and medium-sized companies. 

On their website, you can find quick start guides, an FAQ section, and setup instructions so it is easy for users with minimal to no experience with proxies. Besides having a blog, they now run a podcast that talks about the proxies and related stuff.

Wrapping Up: Brighdata Alternatives

Bright Data is one of the well-known proxy provider in the domain. It has a large proxy pool and some of the great features. However, as said before, the cost is one of the factors that users would switch to an alternative. 

In this article, we have provided some of the best brightdata alternatives that are known well and are economical as compared to Brightdata. To choose the best one, give a test trial to each of them & see what goals you have and which of them solves all of these. 

Having this clarity will let you select the perfect proxy solution for you. 

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