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Welcome to Scrapingdog, a leading light in the web scraping industry. Founded and directed in 2018 by Manthan Koolwal, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of web data extraction, making it blockage-free and hassle-free.

With an impressive 12+ years of industry experience, Manthan has a deep understanding of the intricacies of web scraping. His journey in this field has been marked by numerous accomplishments and innovations.

We also work in travel & hotel domains for niche market analysis. We help them to set right prices so that they always stay ahead from their competitors. The other two products are Flightapi & Makcorps.

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One of Manthan's most noteworthy achievements is the successful design and implementation of an API for the railway sector. A product of his deep-rooted expertise and innovative spirit, this API was so robust and efficient that it was later acquired by the Government of India. This achievement stands as a testament to his ability to create high-performance solutions that meet complex needs.

Our mission is guided by Manthan's vision: to simplify and streamline the web scraping process for everyone. We understand the challenges faced by businesses and individuals in their quest to extract valuable data from the web. Be it roadblocks set up by websites or the complexities involved in creating an efficient scraping strategy, we are here to help you!! At Scrapingdog, we utilize our wealth of experience and innovative technologies to provide solutions that overcome these obstacles. We aim to democratize web scraping, making it accessible and easy for all, regardless of their technical background or industry.

Join us on our mission to reshape the web scraping landscape, and discover the difference that true expertise and commitment can make. Your data extraction journey is about to become a lot smoother and more efficient. We welcome you to explore our website and look forward to assisting you in unlocking the full potential of web data.