How To Bypass 999 response when scraping LinkedIn profile?

Bypass 999 response when scraping LinkedIn profile

If you are getting this response when scraping LinkedIn profiles, by now you must be aware that LinkedIn doesn't talk much about this error.

However, it typically indicates that LinkedIn has temporarily blocked your IP address due to an unusual amount of traffic from it. This is often a measure to prevent scraping or abuse. Here are few ways through which you can address this issue:

  • Wait and Retry - Sometimes, the simplest solution is just to wait for a while and then try accessing the page again. This block is often temporary.

  • Check Your Network - If you're on a shared network (like in an office or using public Wi-Fi), someone else's activity might have triggered the block. Try switching networks.

  • Use a Different IP Address - You can change your IP address by restarting your router or using a VPN. However, be cautious with VPNs as LinkedIn might block certain VPN IP addresses if they detect suspicious activities.

If the problem still persists for you, the only solution left is to go with a service that can scrape LinkedIn. Scrapingdog's LinkedIn Profile Scraper API is a perfect solution to seamlessly scrape LinkedIn profiles.

To get you started with LinkedIn Scraping, we have made a tutorial that you can check out here.

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