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4 Best Twitter Scraping APIs (Updated List) in 2024


Scraping social media websites has become quite imperative for multiple companies. You can track people’s sentiments through their comments, posts, likes, etc. Companies can track feedback from their customers or they can track activities of their competitors.

Today influencer marketing is at its peak and by scraping the number of followers and their content reach one can decide to promote their products with them.

Best Twitter Scraper API
Best Twitter Scraper API

PR agencies can scrape social media to analyze hot topics and then they can ask their clients to create content on the same. On the other hand, political parties can identify which topic should be on the agenda for the election campaign.

Among all social media websites, Twitter is the most dynamic one. It has around 450M active users which makes it a great data dump. From movie celebrities to top political figures all are pretty active over here and hence there will be a lot of user-generated data over here due to reactions from common people.

But scraping Twitter at scale is a challenge in itself because your IP will be blocked in no time and your data pipeline will be blocked. So, it is always advisable to use a Twitter Scraping API.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 4 Twitter Scrapers which can help you to get the data you need.


Scrapingdog’s Dedicated Twitter Scraper API

Scrapingdog is known for its exceptional APIs for data-driven apps. We provide an API for web scraping that is capable of scraping public data from almost any source on the internet. Apart from general web scraping API, we have a dedicated Twitter scraper API, LinkedIn Profile Scraper API, LinkedIn Jobs API & Amazon Scraper API.


  • Scrape any tweet with its tweet ID or scrape any public page to extract details like followers count, the following count, website link, etc.
  • Pricing: The per-page cost of scraping Twitter is $0.00075 per page which is the best available considering the top APIs.
  • It can return results in both HTML and parsed JSON.
  • A free trial is available with 1000 free credits.


brightdata twitter scraper
Brightdata Twitter Scraper

Brightdata is another API in the list with great scraping infrastructure. It specializes in providing proxies but also provides ready-made scrapers to provide data from selected websites.


  • They also provide particular tweet scraper, Twitter page scraper, and scraping tweets for any keyword.
  • Results will appear in JSON format only.
  • Pricing: per page, the cost is around $0.01. This makes it pretty expensive.
  • A free trial is not available.

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Scrapingbee Web Scraping API
Scrapingbee Web Scraping API


  • Does not provide any dedicated Twitter Scraper but a general scraper can be used.
  • The data you receive will be in HTML format.
  • Pricing: Per page cost for scraping Twitter is $0.0016.
  • A free trial is available.

Know How: Scrapingdog is the Best Alternative to Scrapingbee.


scraper api twitter scraper
ScraperAPI’s Twitter Scraper

ScraperAPI also provides a dedicated Twitter Scraper.


  • They have dedicated APIs for scraping trends and Twitter profile data.
  • You will get JSON data with all the necessary data properties.
  • Pricing: Not clear on the website but it should be around $ 0.0049.
  • A free trial is available.

Know Why: Scrapingdog is the best Alternative to Scraper API!!


We have curated a list of all the Twitter scrapers available in the market. Of course, there are a few more but they were not as good as these four. We will keep updating this list as we find better Twitter scraping solutions.

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